logo type:
  • Canon Camera 
  • sharp, clean
  • taking pictures with there cameras will be slick and clean
  • Photographers 
  • google 
  • colorful, fun
  • electronic, web
  • teens, adults, business people
  • Lululemon 
  • simple, reflective
  •  it on there clothes and use the logo to design it into the clothes
  • athletic teens and adults
  • SnapChat
  • Blocked color, simple
  • they use the logo as a code for each person to give out to friends to connect
  • teens and young adults
  • YouTube
  • Simple, blocked color
  • you can create and you can watch on there app/web
  • everyone that watches videos for fun, help or mach there on content


We were told to search some different logos styles and write about the logos. This was to help with are logos design that we came up with. 

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